Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) can occur as a result of using specific types of equipment or machinery at work.


One of the most likely culprits generally is hand-held or hand-guided power tools. Misuse or overuse of such equipment can lead to severe health problems that can be disabling and painful. These include serious disorders affecting joints, nerves and blood vessels.


Up to 2 million people in UK workplaces may be exposed to disabling health problems as a result of vibrations transmitted through work processes and tools! It’s important to be aware that HAVS is entirely preventable, although its effects can be permanent, and responsible employers will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and welfare of their workforce.


Clipacore Safety Gloves are proven to help combat HAVS and protect the most important tools you have...your hands. These gloves have integral foam pads on the palms and fingers to absorb vibration when working with power tools. The soft leather outer provides a strong robust finish that can handle the toughest jobs on site while allowing a usability more delicate and nimble tasks. The back of the hand and fingers are protected by flexible reinforced rubber and the gloves are lined with kevlar for extra durability and comfort. 



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