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Clipacore Core Drill Bit Product Guidelines

Clipacore Core Drill Bit Product Guidelines

Clipacore has provided these guidelines for the use of its products:

a) Clipacore Products should not be used to drill through site cast concrete or hard brick such as engineering brick.

b) Perfect results are easily achieved by using any rotary drill with a minimum drive power of 850 watts. The machine should also be capable of speeds of up to 3000 rpm and have a variable speed control and slipping clutch.

c) Whenever possible use an 850-watt (min) rotary drill fitted with slipping clutch and variable speed control.

d) Clear the debris at regular intervals, as a build-up of dust will cause overheating, extensive clutch wear and possible loss of segments.

e) The harder the material and larger the diameter of core, the slower the rpm.

f) The softer the material and for smaller diameter cores, the higher the rpm.

g) Reduce pressure if the bit starts to vibrate.

h) Do not – Use hammer action when drilling with a dry diamond core drill.

i) Do not – Force the core, let it do the work, this will prolong its life and reduce the chance of failure.

Clipacore or the Clipacore Store take no responsibility or liability for any damages or failure arising out of, or in connection with misuse of the product. Should damage occur to the diamond segments (separated from the barrel), please send photographic evidence of the core bit and the hole being drilled for examination by Clipacore's technicians, to:



Regular use

Occasional use

Bricks - Class A engineering



Bricks - Class B engineering



Bricks - standard facing



Clay products



Concrete - Beams, Kerbs, Pipes, Slabs



Concrete blocks (3 to 7 Newton)



Concrete blocks (7 to 12 Newton)



Concrete blocks (12+ Newton)




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More Information can be found on the manufacturers site