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Xpresscut Core Bits

The Xpresscut Drill Core Bits are available in two Core Bit Lengths 150mm and 300mm and come in a range of diameters from 22mm to 152mm. The 22mm and 28mm are perfect Core Bits for enlarging condensate pipes or gas pipes and the 127mm and 152mm Core Drll Bits are for boiler flues or soil pipe fittings.

The Clipacore Xpresscut core bit barrels have been developed in the UK. they are spiraled and slotted for fast removal of dust and to protect the diamond tips from overheating and are suitable for most building materials found in the UK.

Any standard Core Bits are compatable with our Clipacore Quick Release System but our core bits are robust and constructed from quality materials.

Xpresscut Core Bits

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