Clipacore Xpresscut 22mm x 300mm extra long core bit

XPRESSCUT quick release premier Diamond core bits 22mm (300mm long), is manufactured with high quality diamonds and bonded by a UK developed metal bond system.  The barrels are spiraled and slotted for fast removal of dust and to protect the diamond tips from overheating and are suitable for most UK building materials.

Due to the tip of the core being "castellated" and not "crowned" it ensures a clean cut and prevents the brick face or render from blowing.

The 22mm is perfect for electrical conduit and, when used with a Duocut and larger core, enlarging condensate and gas pipes.

This is a core only and requires a Core Adaptor QCCA to be quick release.  ZT1280799S 5001_CLIPC_XPRESSCUT_22mm_QCXP22

Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

This product must be used in line with the Manufacturer's Guidlines.

See our Dry Diamond Core Bit Guide

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