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Clipacore Product Selector


The Benefits                                                                                                                              

  • No tools needed
  • Protects hands from injury
  • Prevents damage to expensive core drilling equipment
  • Improves work flow efficiency
  • Machined from Great British High tensile steel, built to last
  • Converts your existing core bits, arbors and extension bars into quick release
  • Removes the need for a chuck or chuck key and converts to quick release.


The ClipaCore release system provides consistent results quickly! Our easy to use design requires no spanner’s or excessive force compared to current techniques. We have taken away the frustration from components locking up tight due to torque tension, leading to damage. The improved work flow efficiency makes this an essential drilling tool within your toolbox armoury!






1 – QCDA (Clipacore Drill Adaptor)

The ½” female end of drill adaptor permanently remains on the end of threaded core drill, an SDS / hex adaptor or the male end of extension bar.


2 – QCCA (Clipacore Core Adaptor)

The ½” male end of core adaptor permanently remains on the female end of extension bar or diamond core bits. The quick release clip can be attached to the core adaptor when not in use for safe storage.


The quantity of additional core adaptors depends on the quantity of core bits required to convert to quick release!