Clipacore Xpresscut 78mm x 150mm standard core bit

XPRESSCUT quick release premier Diamond core bits 78mm (150 mm long), is manufactured with high quality diamonds and bonded by a UK developed metal bond system.  The barrels are spiraled and slotted for fast removal of dust and to protect the diamond tips from overheating and are suitable for most UK building materials.

The Clipacore Xpresscut 78mm is suitable for use with insulated condense pipe (32mm waste pipe & 19mm wall thickness insulation as per BS 6798) and for heat pumps to prevent cold bridging (28mm or 35mm copper & 19mm wall thickness insulation).


Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

This product must be used in line with the Manufacturer's Guidlines.

See our Dry Diamond Core Bit Guide

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