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The FIVE main Benefits of Clipacore

The FIVE main Benefits of Clipacore

Posted by Jason Munslow on 15th Aug 2023

We often get asked about the benefits of Clipacore. These are our top five

  1. ClipaCore the industry-first Diamond Core clip release system, manufactured to the highest engineering standards in Great Britain. 
  2. ClipaCore is 100% compatible with existing 1/2″ diamond tipped core sets and power tools, upgrading today’s tools into the 21st century.
  3. Clipacore a growing family, enabling installers to select across the range of products to suit their toolset and working needs. 
  4. ClipaCore used by professional tradespeople protecting their tools, saving working time and offering personnel protection. 
  5. ClipaCore offers the professional tradesperson the products they need whenever diamond core drilling