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The story behind the Clipacore quick release system

The story behind the Clipacore quick release system

Posted by Jason Munslow on 15th Aug 2023

The story behind the creation of Clipacore begins with an unfortunate incident in 2012. Ty Harnett, an experienced heating engineer based in the south-west of England, was attempting to change the core drill bit for his next job. He used his adjustable wrenches, but unfortunately, the core bit was stuck and needed more force. In an attempt to apply more pressure, Ty used a hammer, but it missed the wrench and struck his hand, causing a severe injury. He was unable to work for seven weeks and decided to find a better solution to avoid such incidents in the future. 

Over the next four years, whenever he had time, Ty worked on creating a solution to this problem. He developed 75 prototypes until he was satisfied with his creation. He named it Clipacore and launched it in the UK plumbing market in 2020. The product was well-received by heating and plumbing engineers who recognized its benefits. 

As Clipacore gained popularity, Ty realized that he needed partners to help him bring his invention to a wider market. Therefore, in 2023, he sold the brand and intellectual property rights to Carl Kammerling International (CKI), who own several brands, including Nerrad and CK Tools. 

CKI shares Ty's values in providing trade professionals with innovative, groundbreaking products that make their work safer and more efficient. CKI's mission is to make the Clipacore system available to all trade professionals who use core drill bits for various applications. The Clipacore range will focus on core drilling and will be available to plumbers merchants through Nerrad Tools and other resellers via Carl Kammerling International.