Clipacore Condensemate comprises of a drill adaptor (QCDA), duocut adaptor (QCDC) (comes with quick release clip and Compression Spring) and 22mm x 300mm long core bit (QCXP22). (Blue Core Bit sold separately)

Condensemate makes light work when core drilling a new hole, upgrading existing overflow pipe up to 11/4" waste pipe for boiler condensate.

The long inner core bit provided acts as a guide to ensure the outer core bit (new hole) does not skid off course and damage the wall surface.

The existing hole must allow the 22mm core bit to freely move without resistance and may require drilling out beforehand prior to mounting on the compression spring.

Once the new hole has been scarred into wall, the 22mm core bit and spring is removed by hand. TGQCDCCON

Condensemate System Parts

Clipacore CondenceMate exploded item list

Included with Condensemate:

1 – 1/2″ Drill  / arbor adaptor
2 – Quick release clip
3 – 1/2″ Core bit thread
5 – Compression Spring
6 – Inner Core Bit (22mm x 300mm long)

Sold Separatrly

4 – Outer Core Bit - see our range of Xpresscut core bits


Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

This product must be used in line with the Manufacturer's Guidlines.

See our Dry Diamond Core Bit Guide

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