Clipacore Duocut Adapter Kit - For Enlarging Existing Holes  ZT1280797SCLI-QCDC-QCDC TGQCDC

The Duocut adapter is perfect for enlarging existing holes for a number of functions including condense pipes, gas pipes, waste pipes, enlarging boiler flues and many more.

The Duocut adapter holds two sizes of cores together so that the larger core can mark the size of hole in the wall centred by the smaller core. Compatible with core bits ranging from 38mm (1.5") to 152mm (6").

Achieve a perfectly symmetrical hole every time!

Drill Adaptor QCDA not supllied. The Drill Adaptor is needed to work with the Ducocut Adaptor Kit.


Duocut parts

- Quick Release Clip

- Core Bit Adapter

- Compression Spring

No Clipacore Drill Adapter or Clipacore Core Bits are included. They are sold separatly


Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

This product must be used in line with the Manufacturer's Guidlines.

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