Clipacore Xpresscut Micro 7mm Diamond Tipped Tile Hole Cutting Bit QCXPM7

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Xpresscut Micro is currently available in 6mm & 7mm diameters for drilling a wide variety of tiles (see compatibility guide).


1 – Easy fit hexagonal shank with laser etched diameter
2 – Vacuum brazed exposed heavy duty diamonds  
3 – Integrated wax cooling core
Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain 
Instructions for use:
1 – Commence drilling at a 45 degree angle, level up once tip has scarred the surface.
2 – Rotate and oscillate whilst drilling (do not apply undue pressure), allow the diamonds and speed of cut to do the work.
3 – Periodically remove dust from hole and the diamond tip to allow wax to melt.
a) Applying too much pressure will shorten the lifespan of the drill bit.
b) For optimum drilling performance a 230V drill is preferable over a cordless drill, due to a higher RPM.
c) Diamonds will become hot during use, do not touch or dip into water as a sudden change in temperature can cause fracture to the diamond tip.
d) Never use on hammer action.
e) ensure periodic removal of debris from the tip, as build -up of dust will most certainly prevent the wax from cooling the tip and reduce lifetime of diamonds.
f) Always use a vacuum cleaner during drilling as this prevents the tip from clogging & overheating from dust build up which also prevents the wax cooling core to melt. Failure to use a vacuum cleaner will result in the bonded diamonds wearing away a lot sooner.

We take no responsibility or liability for any damages or failure arising out of, or in connection with misuse of the product. Should damage occur, please send photographic evidence of the core bit and the hole being drilled for examination by our technicians, to: