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Clipacore Quick Release System Kit

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Clipacore, a revolutionary Core Drill release system that will make your work on site easier.

Say goodbye to the frustrating and time-consuming task of removing cores and releasing overtightened components with spanners. With Clipacore, you can achieve fast, efficient, and consistent results without damaging the core bit. Our easy-to-use design requires no spanners or excessive force, unlike current techniques. Using Clipacore is simple: just insert the drill adaptor into the core adaptor and push in the quick-release clip to join the two parts. To remove, press both flanges of the clip until the pin is released from the aperture. Clipacore improves efficiency, safety, and eliminates tool damage, making it an essential tool for any toolbox.

Upgrade your existing 1/2" diamond tipped core sets and power tools with ClipaCore, which is fully compatible and brings them into the 21st century.

See how simple the Clipacore system is:

Seven Big Benefits of Clipacore

  1. No tools needed.
  2. Prevents damage to core drilling equipment, protecting your tools.
  3. Improves work flow efficiency.
  4. Protects hands from injury.
  5. Converts existing core bits, core drills, HEX and SDS chucks and extension bars into quick release.
  6. Removes the need for a chuck or chuck key.
  7. Machined from Great British high tensile steel, built to last.

Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

How to Choose your Clipacore Sysytem 

Use the three step selctor on this page to tailor your clipacore system.

  1. Select the appropiate adaptor dependent on your drill type
  2. Choose a Clipacore Extension bar or pick our 3rd Party Adapter set if you want to convert your own extension bar. 
  3. Decide how many cores bits you require quick release for. This should be the number of core bits you use regualry.