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Clipacore Fluemate Kit QCFM

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Upgrading boiler flue pipes has never been easier thanks to the Clipacore Fluemate Kit QCFM

Many engineers would have experienced a frequent problem faced on-site when replacing a boiler; The Aluminium flue ducts jammed tight in the wall and need hammering out. Fluemate solves this problem.

Benefits of Fluemate

  • Safe to use when working at height
  • Scars the wall symmetrical to existing flue pipe and avoids skidding off course
  • Can be used with a variety of commonly used core bits
  • Spring loaded barrel for fast removal once wall is scarred

Fluemate comes with a 1/2” drill/arbor adaptor, DuoCut adaptor with clip,compression spring and 94mm barrel guide.

(Not supplied with outer core bit.)

How Fluemate works:

  1. Remove the inner 2” plastic flue pipe from the 4” aluminium flue pipe 
  2. Check the barrel guide fits inside the redundant flue pipe
  3. Mount a 117mm core bit or greater onto the long threaded stub (lubricating long thread with lubricant spray is recommended for first use)
  4. Drop compression spring onto remainder of threaded stub
  5. Mount the barrel guide HAND TIGHT only until it reaches the compression spring 
  6. Insert barrel guide into flue pipe 
  7. Prior to drilling, check drill handle is correctly positioned and firmly tightened
  8. Adopt a comfortable and safe footing 
  9. Commence drilling until outer core bit has scarred wall approx. 25mm deep
  10. Remove drill from flue pipe
  11. Remove the barrel guide and spring 
  12. Continue drilling new hole until through 
  13. Ensure the long threaded stub remains free from dirt and debris before each use and suitably stored

Great for protecting the asset owners property with a duty of care.

Quick release spring loaded barrel enables a safe and rapid solution without the need for any tools.

The drill adaptor included is designed to fit onto any standard 1/2" SDS arbor, HEX arbor or the male end of an extension bar and can only be used in conjunction with the purposely designed Clipacore Core Adaptors

Clipacore XPRESSCUT PRO is made in Britain

See our Clipacore Core Drill Bit Product Guidelines

The manufacturer, Clipacore, takes no responsibility or liability for any damages or failure arising out of, or in connection with misuse of the product.